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Heinrich Lünenschloß

Heinrich Lünenschloß

Heinrich Lünenschloß


Heinrich Lünenschloß, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) works as Manager of Digital Construction & BIM at Köster GmbH. He is responsible for the digitalization processes including the development of BIM applications and the management of internal technology transfer. Having been the Sales Manager at Köster GmbH in Brunswick for a long time, he has deep insights into the construction and real estate industry. In addition, he has worked as BIM Manager on Open BIM projects, and is an honorary member of the board at buildingSmart Germany.

Köster GmbH‘s headquarters is located in Osnabrück, and it has 19 locations throughout Germany. Köster is the leading provider in the construction industry for individual structures in the areas of work, living and infrastructure.

Represented in the following tracks at the next Construction Summit:

Represented in the following tracks at the Construction Summit:

  • 2022 MAIN STAGE: Discussion round with BIM experts

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