5th & 6th March 2025 in Hamburg

Jörg Schwall

Jörg Schwall

Jörg Schwall


Since 2005, Jörg has worked in the construction sector as a managing director in medium-sized family businesses and large international corporations, including Tata Steel. From February 2020 until the end of 2023, he managed the business of V&B Fliesen GmbH.

He is now Senior Partner at Späth Boje GmbH, Executive Consultancy, a multi-award-winning HR consultancy.

A key achievement of his work in the international construction business is a deep intercultural understanding and an extensive network. What motivates him as a manager is finding the best managers for his teams.

Represented in the following tracks at the Construction Summit:

  • 2024 CONSTRUCTION SUMMIT MAIN STAGE: Female Leadership in Construction

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