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Timo Schroeder

Timo Schroeder

Timo Schroeder

REHUB digitale Planer

Timo Schroeder is founder and co-CEO of the rehub companies rehub forge and rehub digitale Planer.

With its software and AI developments, rehub makes project development and subsequent processes more economical and sustainable.

Having grown up with an architecture firm in the area and after his own extensive experience in planning, he recognized early on that value creation in the construction industry must change fundamentally. With this in mind, he became involved with BIM in 2010 and later advised clients, local authorities, construction companies and planning offices on the method. As a project manager and BIM officer, he managed complex projects such as laboratories and trade fairs as well as the first BIM building application in Germany and the development of software applications for BIM and planning processes.

Here he recognized the potential of applications paired with algorithms and AI for the holistic transformation of the industry and thus founded rehub with his colleague Shahin to usher in the post-BIM age and lead the construction industry into a sustainable and efficient future. With rehub, they were able to grow to around 50 people in a very short space of time and employ their own research and sustainability team in addition to developers, AI and data science specialists and planners.

Represented in the following tracks at the Construction Summit:

  • 2024 CONSTRUCTION SUMMIT MAIN STAGE: Building Information Modelling (BIM): Opportunities and Challenges for the Construction Industry

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