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Carsten Joost

Carsten Joost

Carsten Joost

blu by AUG.PRIEN

Carsten Joost is one of the managing directors of blu Company for sustainable real estate projects mbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of AUG. PRIEN Bauunternehmung (GmbH & Co. KG).

As a qualified architect, he began his career in 2011 at AUG. PRIEN as a site manager in the building construction division. In 2017, he switched to project development at "AUG. PRIEN" Immobilien, Gesellschaft f├╝r Projektentwicklung mbH as project manager.

In 2022, AUG. PRIEN founded a new subsidiary, blu, with the clear aim of developing projects according to ecological, sustainable standards and taking into account the entire value chain from planning to construction, operation and recycling.

In the first pilot project UBS4, Carsten Joost and his team are looking for concrete solutions to the issues of CO2 savings, timber construction and social housing.

Represented in the following tracks at the Construction Summit:

  • 2024 CONSTRUCTION SUMMIT MAIN STAGE: Builders in focus: A discussion on sustainability and digital transformation in construction

  • 2024 CONSTRUCTION SUMMIT MAIN STAGE: Expert panel of real estate and project developers

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