5th & 6th March 2025 in Hamburg

Frank Schröder

Frank Schröder

Frank Schröder


Frank Schröder has been the Head of Facility Management at PHOENIX CONTACT Electronics since 1996. Together with his team, he is responsible for fire protection, occupational safety, environmental protection, building control systems and plant security. He is responsible for the optimal operation of the facilities and the real estate for the locations in Bad Pyrmont, Berlin, Dresden, Velbert, Paderborn and Lemgo. This involves office buildings as well as production buildings with requirements from a demanding process environment. His childhood dream was the networked technology room. With the Industry Solution Center (18,000 m2) new building in 2017 Bad Pyrmont, this vision came true. The charging station talks to the PV system and the CHP unit. Data transparency across all trades in the building and the property. It is one of the most modern and networked BuildingIOT buildings in Europe. The lift orders its own maintenance. Conclusion: If the technology and the organisation are optimally networked, it is the basis for efficient operation of a property. Phoenix Contact relies on the Internet of Things in its worldwide property and building management. In combination with the company's own building technology portfolio, forward-looking solutions can be designed in this way. With Building IoT, we are implementing global megatrends - such as Industry 4.0, Big Data and Data Analytics - in intelligent supply processes for building technology in the sense of a networked energy landscape.

Represented in the following tracks at the Construction Summit:

  • 2024 PROPTECH SUMMIT MAIN STAGE: The connected building

  • 2023 MASTERCLASSES: Laying the foundation for the operation of the property already in the planning- construction phase

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